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25 years history of success - Roof leaks

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Liquid Roof EPDM Coating

Awarded Top 10 Product in 2009 by Metal Roofing Magazine

If you live in Arizona you need EPDM Coatings

Why has epdm coatings been a trusted source for roof leak repair for the state of Arizona?

First Liquid EPDM will withstand the extreme temperatures. In fact Liquid EPDM will take temperatures up to 300 Fahrenheit. Try finding that with another roofing product. For many roof substrates it requires only one coat. That means our customers save time and money by using less product and less labor. Its history spans over 25 years and has been the product of choice for hundreds of thousands of customers. Regardless of your roof type rest assured you have found the solution to your roof leaks. Take action now. If your roof is worn and starting to deteriorate fix it before it becomes a bigger problem costing significantly more money. This one coat application has proved time and time again to extend the roof’s life another 15-16 years. Take an in depth look at the benefits of Liquid EPDM Rubber. Watch our corporate video and give us a call with any questions you may have.

So What Exactly Is It?

The Only Liquid EPDM in the World - EPDM Coating

Liquid rubber is basically epdm but in a liquefied version giving it much greater versatility for homeowners and roofing contractors. It is part of a synthetic rubber typically referred to as EPDM coatings. The letters EPDM stand for ethylene, propylene, diene monomer (rubber M Class). Prior to advent of Liquid EPDM to the market, epdm rolled roofing rubber was used to waterproofing roofs. Since it’s a liquid it became one of the first do-it-yourself roofing products that stood up to the reputation. Of course the liquid version is easier to apply. But the way its manufactured design it will not chalk after 10 or more years like sheet epdm does. And finally because it’s a liquid you never need to worry about seams again which we all know is the source of leaks for any standing membrane roofing system.

What are some of the uses for EPDM Coatings Liquid rubber?

First of all; Liquid Roof specifically designed for vehicles that are in motion like RV’s trailers and mobile homes. Liquid Rubber, on the other hand, is for stationary buildings; mainly commercial and residential structures. Over the years Liquid EPDM has been used for storage containers, conveyor belt, freezers and aerospace. The chemical properties and overall characteristics make it a sought after product. If you have a specific application question contact our office directly at 610-298-1989. We would be glad to review your specific application and provide you with answers.

Why has it been so successful?

The number one reason by our customers is ease of application. For most roof types it’s a one coat application there is really no other system on the market that can compete with that. In addition, the material is much thicker when applied than standard elastomeric systems. The liquid epdm can be applied up to 50 mil. This is about 4 times thicker than your standard elastomeric. One coat means one labor past. We have spoken to building owners who have literally saved over $2.00 a square foot and got a far better product as well. Read the comments sent in by our customers. If ever there was a product to solve 99% of your roofing needs this is it. But don’t take our word for it. EPDM Coatings has been received acolytes from Metal Roofing Magazine, Fine Home Building and Roofers Exchange to name a few. Be sure to check out our videos.